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Uus XF Laser kaugusmõõtja Ben Sayers, allowing you to quickly and easily get distances to targets on the course so you can elevate your game. Packing a mass of innovative technology into its sleek design, the XF is accurate to within a yard, and features a scan mode which picks up distances to various hazards without having to reactivate the laser each time so you can plan your shots more efficiently. With its impressive 6x zoom lense, targets are clear to the eye and can be displayed in either metres or yards dependent on preference, while a Pinseeker function allows the user to acquire precise measurements to the flag from up to 400 metres away! This is confirmed by a vibration-lock feature in which the unit will vibrate in your hand once you're locked on the pin. This Rangefinder is also water resistant and comes with a carrying case, cleaning cloth and strap making it one of the best value Laser Rangefinders available on the market. 

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